Getting ready for the New Year


Yesterday I started preparing my new sketchbook ready for Sketchbook Circle 2016. I’ve really enjoyed participating in this years’ Circle and have made huge progress in terms of my own practice and in my concept of myself as an artist. I have really enjoyed the journey and the making of the two books I’ve worked in this year, and I’m really excited by the prospect of new collaborations.

This year I’ve decided to make my own sketchbook rather than buy one. I made this decision so that I am free to choose what size, colour and type of paper to work on as I follow the direction my work and the work of my partners takes me.

I’m also looking forward to getting my life back to normal after Christmas preparations, and surgery on my hand, and getting back to having some time in my home studio in the mornings.1451299426229495069833


2 thoughts on “Getting ready for the New Year

  1. After reading your blog I am inspired to make my own book too. Really enjoyed collaborating and hope to see you at the exhibition Tilly to meet face to face


    1. Thank you for leaving your comment Jane, I have been very inspired by our collaboration too and hope to meet up at the exhibition.


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