New Year, New Book



So this week I have started working in my new (home-made) book. I’ve sent Jane’s book back for the last time, and am waiting for the book I’ve shared with Christian to arrive back with me. I’ve been enjoying the lively, chatty vibe on the Facebook page with partners sharing their work from last year’s circle, and new members asking questions. January is that odd time of year when we still have the old year fresh in our minds, and the new year is still young and full of possibilities – appropriately named after the Roman god Janus with his two faces looking backwards and forwards.

Circles have been uppermost in my mind and I have been exploring textures and mediums, and folded and concealed elements; I have also been enjoying the freedom to work on papers of varying size and weights. My mum likened my book so far to Alice in Wonderland – she said it was full of hidden surprises – which sparked my imagination and has now got me onto thinking about how I can develop this idea further. Curiouser and curiouser…


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