January Sketchbook


This week I will be sending my sketchbook to Louise, the first swap of the new year. I’m feeling really excited to be working with new partners, facing new challenges, and participating in the making of two new books.

I’m also turning a thought to personal work in my own books whilst I wait for my other partner’s book to arrive; I recently found two lovely spiral bound scrapbooks in the sale in Hobbycraft, one with brown pages and the other in black. The paper is lovely and sturdy, and I’m keen to keep exploring some of the themes I have used in my Sketchbook Circle book – circles, layers, transparent and opaque, shiny and dull. I’ve made a start putting some backgrounds down in acrylic paint, and I intend to collage on the top. I chose not to use these for Sketchbook Circle as they only have about 40 leaves, due to the thickness of the paper.

It’s been a busy week on the Sketchbook Circle Facebook group; I’ve enjoyed seeing glimpses of what people are up to in their books, and there has been some really thought-provoking work shared. It looks like it’s going to be an interesting year!


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