This week I have been doing lots of doodling – mainly due to being completely exhausted at the end of a busy term. But also, I love the beauty of the small, simple stuff in life – doodles, the spillages and paint splotches on a mind map made for this month’s Sketchbook Circle pages, old book pages glued into a journal to be drawn and painted on. I love to doodle for several reasons; sometimes I use it as a way of opening up my brain to creative ideas and get into the flow state of mind; other times to help me concentrate and process information; and often in the evening to help me relax and unwind. I’ve also recently become fascinated by the idea of visual notetaking and sketchnoting – useful stuff which I’m hoping to put into practice at the upcoming staff training days. My signature doodle is squares – endless little squares with minute variations, although I’ve recently started to incorporate more shapes, both geometrical and abstract. It’s like slipping on a pair of comfy old slippers at the end of the day, a signal to my brain to zone out and switch off.

This time next week I’ll be in Norfolk with my family, hence preparing the journal pages. I can’t wait to see and smell the sea, to hear the skylarks singing in the big blue sky and to walk along the salt marshes with the sun on my back. Time to switch off for a while.


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