Visual Thinking


So this week I’ve been working on my April book for Sketchbook Circle. It all started to get a bit literal and representational, which I wasn’t happy with. I like my mixed media work to be loose and instinctive, to be arrived at rather than too tightly planned. My notebooks, on the other hand, are quite detailed and precise. After photographing a couple of pages of my sketchbook, I started fiddling around with the photo editing software on my phone, manipulating some of the images, another favourite pastime of mine, and one which often yields some surprising and pleasing results.


I’ve been pleased to read about the success of the petition to include expressive arts subjects in the EBacc this week on Twitter. I’m not filled with optimism that Parliament will give the debate the weight and attention it truly deserves, but in an age of teaching children to pass tests, I’m filled with hope and pride that so many people spoke out in defence of our children having meaningful access to arts subjects throughout their school career.

I am inspired by this year’s Big Draw theme, ‘A STEAM Powered Big Draw Festival’, and have been exploring some of the links between drawing and the STEM subjects in my notebook.

This week I have been reading Sunni Brown’s book ‘The Doodle Revolution’, which kind of ties in with my doodles and drawings in my notebook. It’s all about visual literacy and visual thinking to help us (and our children) to think around and understand complex information. Maybe I’ll submit some of my drawings for the Big Draw logo competition. Watch this space…


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