Ideas and Daydreams


I’m still busily recording my artistic aspirations, as suggested by Sunni Brown in The Doodle Revolution. I’ve found that visualizing how I’d like my future career to look is helping me to better clarify exactly what it is that I want to achieve, which in turn is helping me to identify small steps I can take to get myself there.

I’m hoping to be able to set up an atelier at work for the children to work in, like the Reggio Emilia preschools in Italy. I would love to work as a practicing artist in such a setting; I have been reading about the value of this practise – how we model learning in so many subjects for our children, yet expect them to progress in art with less skilled adult input (although I am aware that many of you lovely people out there are putting in some highly skilled and dedicated work). I’ve also read up about several schools which have this setup on the AccessArt website, and have contacted one setting and received positive support and feedback. I’m lucky enough to work in a nursery where creativity is valued and the arts and art education are promoted, so watch this space for more on the progress of this project!

I’m finding that I’m working in two ways at the moment; I’ve got a visual notebook for doodling, daydreaming, writing, drawing and general brain dumping; and my two Sketchbook Circle books, which are mostly abstract mixed media pieces where I take a more fluid, loose approach and let the work flow.

Interestingly, I don’t use colour in my visual notebooks; I like to work in pencil. This is something I might try and develop this week, as well as putting the finishing touches to my April book and sending it off. And finding some funding for the art studio at work. And thinking of ideas for an outdoor art project I’ve been approached about. And….. and….. and…..




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