May Sketchbook



This week my shared sketchbook with Louise arrived back. I was immediately drawn to the muted palette of her contributions, and the way she has arranged the pieces reminded me somehow of an exhibition; each piece arranged to complement and follow on from its predecessor, and all linked. Some of Louise’s images also contained text, most noticeably references to memory. This led me to think about photographs and printing, and about old books, which I love to use in mixed media work.

I started exploring and building up layers using pen, collage and pastels. I was fortunate enough to have some happy accidents in my use of pastel; images of marks from the board below the paper showed through – memories of past work showing up in new pieces.

I’m enjoying adding pastels to my work at the moment; I find it soft and forgiving and it invites a tactile and immersive connection with the work. I enjoyed a couple of happy hours in a state of flow whilst my daughter played outside with her friends; I could carry on and on. But the secret is knowing when it’s time to stop.



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