What I’m Working On Right Now

I have been tidying out my home studio this weekend, and have actually managed to throw some stuff away (mainly because I couldn’t be bothered to sort and tidy it). Anyway, the up side of tidying is finding old pages, half-finished paintings and abandoned experiments lurking in the stacks of paper ephemera which I collect like a magpie.

I love these forgotten treasures; having not seen them for several months (sometimes even years), I look at them with fresh eyes and they offer up new possibilities.

This weekend I have been working on one such abandoned A3 collage page from an online course which I did through AccessArt.

I started to rework it by adding gesso with a cheap children’s paint tool which I found in my local B&M; then I added some printed elements to it.



I like the way the paint tool has left a rough, grungy feel to the background.

I experimented with placing collage pieces, and considered changing the orientation from portrait to landscape.


Having glued these down, I added a layer of tissue paper on which I stencilled the scuffs and cut marks from my work board by making a rubbing with pastel.


We’re now back to a portrait orientation! I’ve left it to dry overnight while I ponder where to go next. More collaged elements? Printed areas? Both? I will post the completed image when I’ve decided.

Please feel free to leave your comments and suggestions! Thank you for reading, and wishing you a great week ahead.


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