Copies and Colours



This weekend I have been continuing work in Ben’s sketchbook.

Ben reproduced one of my images in black and white; the reproduction is also slightly textured. He has, I think, used the same or similar technique elsewhere in the book and scraped marks into it. I am curious to know how he has achieved this tactile effect, and have included a note asking him to explain.

Anyway, I like the black and white reproduction of my own image, so I have been developing this idea, making other versions of it using tracing paper, carbon paper, inks, oil pastels, pen – a colourful extravaganza. I will perhaps continue to extract shapes and parts of the original image to play around with some more before returning it to Ben at the end of the week.

I have been pondering this idea of infinite reproductions and variations on a single theme recently; I have been using the photo editing software on my phone to manipulate images of my signature squares doodle, as well as drawing it in different mediums and colour combinations. I remember discussing the need to repeatedly return to a single image at Sarah Goudie’s drawing workshop at the Practice Imperfect event at BCU earlier this year; the idea fascinates me. I am a compulsive doodler; it helps my brain to slip into a flow state, which is useful when I am working on something specific and want to loosen up mental muscles; I also find it a good way to relax and let my mind ebb and flow at the end of the day.



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