New Pages

Today I’ve suddenly switched from my A5 landscape sketchbook to using an 8 x 8 inch square kraft paper book; I had a hankering after brown paper. I like to have several books on the go at once; I can follow my impulses, and not be tied to one format and paper type until one book is finished. I also have an A4 moleskine-style book and a homemade notebook, cobbled together from several smaller books, in current use.

 I like the mottled effect that results from using felt pens, watercolours, inks, etc. on a gesso background. I’ve been under the bed and fished out my daughter’s felt pen collection (mostly filched from me, so good quality, and not technically stealing). The background is an old Ordnance Survey Landranger map, gessoed and drawn, coloured and traced over with carbon paper. I’ve made a start on the next page too.

And a spread I started in my A5 landscape book:


2 thoughts on “New Pages

  1. It’s interesting how the paper and the shape of the book itself can influence what we might do in it – I like square sketchbooks because they open to a big rectangle as well, and I like A5 landscape because of the very long length of page when the book is open. One of my sketchbook circle books this time has very long narrow pages which were such a challenge at first but have really grown on me.


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