100 Pieces of Work

So this month, as well as working, parenting and Sketchbook Circle, I have to produce 100 pieces of work before 3rd September, when I go back to uni in Birmingham to start the second phase of the Artist Teacher Scheme. I have chosen to work in an 8×8 square sketchbook, purchased at New Art Gallery Walsall, where part of the summer intensive was hosted. I don’t feel that all my work has to be contained in this book; last week has opened my mind to ways of working which I have never considered before. Rather I am treating it as a diary or visual journal where I can record my journey. I have already taken lots of reference photos, and done some pieces of writing, both of which I have done before, but not really considered to be ‘part’ of my artistic practice. I have written copious amounts of post-it notes, which I intend to stick into my book. I am, after all, fascinated by the process, by making my thinking visible, by what it is that draws me time and again to the same things. I am reminded by this task of the poem written by Loris Malaguzzi, founder of the pioneering preschools in Reggio Emilia, Italy:

The child is made of one hundred.       The child has a hundred languages      a hundred hands                                        a hundred thoughts                                  a hundred ways of thinking                    of playing, of speaking.                           A hundred always a hundred…

I am reminded to grasp this opportunity to be childlike and engage in play.

I’ve even cleared my work table.


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