Personal and Professional Development


The experimental mark-making continues, with the continued absorption in the physical aspects of the process; pushing away, pulling towards, heavy marks, lighter marks, the sounds of the graphite and my hand moving across the paper. As I upload these images, they seem to me to echo the patterns and textures of the wood offcuts with their intensely tactile qualities.

I am considering now how to record my own movement by holding pen to paper as I am out walking; this inspired by a piece of work found as I browsed one of the Campaign for Drawing’s Power Drawing books looking for ideas for our Big Draw event. Everything seems to return to the same point.

So the 100 pieces of work are progressing. I am considering how my obsession with longhand writing and my love of abstract mark-making are going to marry up – or indeed if they are going to marry up… there are sure to be more twists to the tale, more changes of direction, like Alice chasing the White Rabbit; after all, it’s still early days.

Meanwhile, there is Sketchbook Circle, a new Art Therapy course, workshops and training events, community projects…. and a brand new joint business venture to work on and look forward to. Exciting times, busy times, with huge changes and huge amounts of growth. I am petrified and exhilarated in equal measure.


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