This Week’s Project

So here’s what I’m currently working on… I have been sent an emergency blanket from Sketchbook Circle and asked to make a piece of art with it. 

The smooth, shiny, reflective surface initially reminded me of the Dragon Warrior’s scroll in Kung Fu Panda (stay with me here); when Po unrolled it he saw his own face reflected back at him. Eventually he realises that there is no secret ingredient – only yourself and what lies within. 

I have been considering this idea of self-reflection, and the self-reliance suggested by the emergency blanket as an object. I am thinking about distorted and fragmented memories as I alter, cut and crumple it. These are themes, I am realising, that I am exploring on through the Artist Teacher Scheme; themes which I return to again and again.

I am working with textile elements on a long, thin piece of neutral coloured fabric, doing my usual trick of placing things, taking them out, moving things, stitching and then unpicking… ebb and flow, addition and subtraction, assertion and obliteration.

I have no idea where I’m going with this one; it’s very much a work in progress.


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