Yesterday was the ATS Saturday; we visited the Art Yard in Cradley Heath, a small gallery and workshop run by Louise and her business partner Warren. Louise is on the ATS too, and runs community classes and workshops from her studio here. In January, Louise, Sarah and I, and hopefully Courtney, will be exhibiting here in the gallery space for a week. We discussed what we had that we could exhibit at this stage in the course, and all agreed that we had very little which we felt was fit for an exhibition; we retired to the workshop to drink coffee by the gas fire and do some monoprinting.

I love printing and am inspired by its possibilities; I love the endless tweaking and making of ghost images; it fits comfortably alongside my fascination with the countless possibilities offered by a single image. I made some simple monoprints onto cartridge paper and newspaper, and took some photographs for later manipulation with photo editing software (see above).

I have been fiddling around at home making prints this morning, with less success; I think I need to buy some proper block printing medium to get the paint to the right consistency. However, it wasn’t a completely wasted morning – I can see possibilities with what I’ve made if I work into the images with carbon paper and inks. I will also photograph the pieces as they are and play with the photos. It’s a starting point.

So now I am wondering about what to put in an exhibition; I am wondering about mounting and framing, and am planning a trip to a local charity shop which usually has a good selection of picture frames. I am wondering about how to price things and whether I need to write anything about my work and practice. I am feeling a bit nervous – I have never exhibited before, and wonder how my work will be received – putting things on social media is one thing, but an actual exhibition with actual, physical people is quite another. I am outside my comfort zone, but I am feeling excited about the possibilities that are opening up before me.


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