Textile Landscapes

I’m currently reading my newly-arrived copy of Tim Ingold’s book ‘Lines’; it’s having quite an influence on my thought processes – in fact I feel like someone needs to open my head up with a tin opener before my brain explodes.

All the things that have been rattling round in the corners of my mind are suddenly all connected – walking the dog, being outdoors, walking and thinking, drawing, sewing, writing, making new things out of old pieces of work, things I’ve read quoted in something new, circles and stories, marks and traces, squares, a sense of presence and place, journeys, landscape, process…

This is my story, the story that has been handed down to me through generations of women, the story that I will hand on to my daughter. I’m not sure I’ve grasped the plot yet, but I’m getting there, and I’m definitely not sure where it’s all going and how it’s going to end.

In and out, like the stitches sewn by my mother and my grandmother… even the back of the stitch, the part you can’t see, is inextricably woven into the whole.

Mental Landscapes

Paths, footsteps in the landscape, journeys, process, presence, wandering and wondering…

Another Circle Closes

It’s that time of year again… I’m working for the last time in the book I have shared over the year with Ben, before I post it back after Christmas. I’m feeling a sense of achievement as I look back over the pages we have shared, and the visual conversation we have had. I have been lucky enough again to share with two talented practitioners who have made me think, and have challenged my own practice.

My experiences on the Artist Teacher scheme have inevitably found their way into my sketchbooks this year, and vice versa, reminding me how different aspects of my practice all inform each other and are influenced by each other. Having the sketchbooks on the go alongside the ATS enables me to put ideas on the backburner and work on something else, or try things out in a different way, allowing me to explore and experiment in different contexts.

I have sent my sketchbook back to Louise for the final time, and I’m excited to see how she responds to my final additions. I have signed up for another year of the Circle, hopefully one sketchbook partnership and one digital partnership; I am already excited about where the experience will take me next.


Collaborative process painting – sharing a canvas with my daughter. 

Playing with images in photo editing software.

Process paintings in progress.

Last week I got caught up in making Christmas cards; OK for a while, but I began to feel a bit disconnected from my personal practice. So I’ve been using up my stocks of cardboard and making some new process paintings. What I like about working in this way is that there’s little pressure to decide if it’s finished; I can just play, and stop when I like it. I’ve been working with oil pastel on a gesso base, and rubbing back with baby oil. Assert; obliterate; start again.