When we visited Louise’s exhibition at the Art Yard, I was intrigued by her collection of sketchbooks, which were presented as part of the show. I liked this – the preliminary thinking alongside the finished pieces on display. 
My own work is very process-based; it’s about the act of creation, the hand of the creator, the thought process as I make things, the journey both internal and external. So I have been considering the role that sketchbooks play in my own practice.

I have noticed more and more that my Sketchbook Circle books are a place where I test out and explore ideas that I’ve developed through the ATS. Bouncing these ideas off someone else, trying them out in response to someone else’s work helps me to push my boundaries, work outside my comfort zone, try out new things.

I also keep a textile/collage book, and I’ve started a ‘trying things out’ book for experimenting with processes and techniques; and then there’s my brain-dumping book, where I write stuff and park things for later when I’ve got mental overload.

I’ve noticed that, although I don’t have a consistent, signature ‘style’, the ideas that underpin my work remain consistent whatever I’m working on. I’ve realised that actually the ATS has helped me to begin to understand what I’m trying to say, rather than developing said ‘signature style’.

I’m starting to panic less at the thought of a final exhibition in the summer; I’ll show whatever best expresses where my thinking is at that time.


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