Marking Time

Recording time in little zigzag books… I love the traces of past drawings, and the shadows of previous marks shining through the paper against the light.

A fellow artist suggested a new approach earlier this week; today I have experimented with making marks for a designated period of time. I video recorded it too (if you can bear it) as the repetetive noise of the pencil on the page has become inextricably bound up with the whole thing…


I’ve been feeling a bit lost without my little paper rolls, although I’ve continued on the same theme of making small, repetitive marks. I’ve not been measuring with these drawings, so the regularity of the marks surprises me. The sound the pencil makes on the paper makes a meditative rhythm; it’s easy to get lost in the task and zone out, so I’m not sure they’re a very accurate representation of the passage of time… or maybe they are… maybe they are about the perception of time… or something.

And the red string has put in a reappearance, this time wrapped around folded strips. More archives.