Transformational Landscapes

I’ve finished my Transformational Landscapes sketchbook, a spread from which is featured above. 

I usually blog on a Sunday, but I’m currently experiencing technical issues uploading photos to WordPress, so if you are interested in seeing the book in it’s entirety, please head over to my Instagram feed here. You can also find some of the images on Twitter here, and on my Facebook page here.

Apologies for my technical rubbishness, hopefully normal blogging schedule will resume soon!

Illustrated Lives



I’ve spent alot of time idly imagining what my dog does when I’m out at work, and this week I have been revisiting this idea in my sketchbook. My dog is a collie cross with a big attitude, so it’s not difficult to depict her in various everyday humorous scenarios . I’ve also included other dogs, who belong to family and friends; they’re becoming quite a gang. My daughter’s imagination has been really fired up by this tangent and she invents things for me to draw the dogs doing; her latest request is for a picture of Delly helping to do the gardening on our allotment. So I’m enjoying a relaxed bank holiday weekend lounging in front of the TV with the dog chewing up her new bone all over my clean blankets and my sketchbook on my knee, happily doodling away…. hey, wait…. there’s the beginning of a new idea for a sketch….