I’ve been feeling a bit lost without my little paper rolls, although I’ve continued on the same theme of making small, repetitive marks. I’ve not been measuring with these drawings, so the regularity of the marks surprises me. The sound the pencil makes on the paper makes a meditative rhythm; it’s easy to get lost in the task and zone out, so I’m not sure they’re a very accurate representation of the passage of time… or maybe they are… maybe they are about the perception of time… or something.

And the red string has put in a reappearance, this time wrapped around folded strips. More archives.


The memory box is almost finished; or should I say, up-to-date; the experience unfolds, the passage of time is marked off. The box holds the past, the present and the future; a box full of memories, ideas, thoughts, dreams.

This piece of work will be exhibited in the first floor corridor of New Art Gallery Walsall from Friday 28th July (Private View) until Sunday 24th September 2017.